The Night Watch

OPERATION: Trundle in the Jungle
Working title

(will be edited for niceness later)

Team was approached by Aljeira military, nobody lower than major, with a job
Big creatures have been hitting random outposts on the southern border
-Could be Rebels either guiding them or simply displacing them
Military “doesn’t have the manpower” to handle it themselves so they want to hire us

Current guess to monsters is Jungle Troll, but we’re still not sure.

Contract negotiation resulted in:
+ $5,000 per fight of CR 8 or higher
- $10,000 if we encounter nothing and fail basically

We are NOT engaging rebel forces, though if the creatures are under rebel control, we are expected to secure intel needed for the military to act.

The contract was agreed to, and $10,000 was given upfront. The crew is going to Campecino, to Ada’s shop, to buy potions, a camera, and a Haversack.

OPERATION: Closing the Box

The team was approached by Ada, a ‘friendly’ acquaintance from her work at the magic shop the team frequents. Her request was simple – a friendly white dragon in the area was about to be hunted by a notorious monster hunter and her team. She wanted us to put a stop to it, to ‘protect her interests’ as she did business with the dragon and didn’t want to lose that.

The team agreed to investigate the matter and, after entirely too much pointless planning, blew their attempt to stakeout observe the group of monster hunters. Louis discovered that he knew one of the team members, their demolitions expert; they’d served together in battle. Mac took matters into his own hands, and approached Pandora, the somewhat infamous leader of the group of monster hunters. He then explained to her, as he watched her train, that the dragon was of no harm to anyone, and was getting along well with society. Pandora was all for leaving it alone if that was the case – but she needed some proof.

After some discussion, the group decided to confront Pandora with what they did know about the dragon. Having figured out the identity of the dragon as being Ada herself, they knew for a fact that she was of no harm to the city she herself lived in, and decided to keep that detail to themselves. What they did say was that they were firmly convinced of the creature’s innocence, and would not simply stand by and watch them kill it.

Pandora demanded that the group back up their conviction with action; I think she just wanted to fight something. So the two teams fought, using abilities and spells to their maximum effect, and eventually beating their team into submission, despite Pandora’s last-minute release of a strange form, full of overwhelming power. She had one last demand, after the fight – she’d leave the dragon alone, if she could meet with it for herself.

After asking Ada whether this move would be acceptable to her, the two met (with Ada’s business partner at hand as well) and discussed matters. Apparently satisfied, Pandora was happy to let the dragon live, and Ada was more than happy to pay our team the agreed upon sum.

Arc 3: Stoned suckers

A guy in nice suit knocks on Nightwatch’s door during the night. He is dressed in a nice suit and speaks very politely. Pretty much everyone except Warren looks at him and immediately identifies him as a vampire.. He says he heard about how our group handles difficult ‘problems’ and wanted our help. He also mentions the mission we just did as an example, which turns out to be related to his problem.

He says that an item was taken from him from the same ruins that his group was the original residents of before the cult came along and violently kicked them out. Warren asks if it was a vampire artifact because it came from the ruins, not realizing who he was talking to.. Guy is like, “…Yes”. Saewyn manages to communicate to Warren that he’s a vampire, and Warren is kind of freaked out for a second, but only until the guy mentions that magical fire is a weakness of vampires.

He says he’s from the Order of Blood and Mac and Warren make some knowledge rolls. It’s an open secret ‘secret society’ like the Stone Masons. Knights of Blood, Blood Knights, etc, is a society that is about masquerading as vampires. Warren and Mac suspect it is a front for real vampires, and the shitload of vampire posers in the society kind of serve to hide them into plain sight, and anyone that is in the know inside the society won’t say anything because they most likely respect and love the real vampires. The order is super benign, basically a renfair, but our knowledge rolls don’t pull up anything nefarious. They all dress up like movie vampires and act extra refined and elitest.

He mentions the people that took them out had had a weapon very effective against vampires, magical fire. The item taken was a Blood Stone. It allowed vamps to exist without drinking blood. They pride themselves on self preservation, and that includes not injuring nearby population (or their followers).

He also claims Nightwatch has a positive relationship with the blood order and has worked to help them maintain the cover. The Blood Stone doesn’t actually make blood, but gives energy to sustain vampire and makes sensations like feeding which he claims are pleasurable.

He was worried about a situation where it appears to be owned legitimately and would be considered stolen if we took it back. Some Insight rolls are made which suggests he has suspicions of someone who might have it that would fit this profile. Arcane rolls suggest that magical rituals could be used to subvert the magic to do undead related stuff. This item gives ‘life’ to a vampire and thus could be used to give ‘life’ to another undead in theory.

He offers 300 bucks and a magic arming sword. Mac haggles him up to 500. He leaves till the next day to let us talk it over, but gives us his name ‘Charles Gaulthier’ (knowledge rolls pull up nothing). Mac uses suggestion to cancel out Warren’s programming most generously, and Warren then proceeds to check over Cultist records and finds an entry that says the blood stone was moved to a safehouse. No dates or other info as it was just assumed to be known or not relevent when written, but it looked to be a few months old. They mentioned needing to find an expert to figure out stuff regarding the stone.

Hime sends out a telegraph that says basically the details of the encounter and asks if it’s true nightwatch worked with them. The reply that comes back mentions a few things. If gold does not meet expenses or is all taken by expenses in the future, we should let them know, but they suspect that will not be the case. Goodies are ours, especially if operation related. Argent also says do the right thing. If the blood stone is in the possession of foul characters, it’s okay to take it back. If not foul, do the right thing (try and get it on the up and up by paying for it or convincing them to give it over, or whatever). Argent beat around the bush to imply that Nightwatch may have worked with them at some time, insight says yeah probably but Argent isn’t happy to release such information.

When Charles comes back, Warren has Detect Magic up and ready as he requested Charles come back at a certain time, and cast Detect Magic shortly before that time. It shows that Charles’ ‘power level’ significantly higher than average humans, and has an aura of necromancy. Knowledge rolls tells Warren that undead would show that aura if they were strong enough.

He informs the group to be careful to not invite in vampires you don’t trust, it is difficult for them to enter generally if not invited. Says all vampires are different when asked for more info, possible for some to just be able to enter. As we find out later, that is a bunch of nonsense.

Nightwatch accepts the 500 offer, he says that will be difficult to pay, can pay 200 right away, rest has to be raised. Try to get the weapon upfront, but he says he’s unable to do that, although we can inspect if so desired at a place of their choosing. We accept without.

He mentions when the group fled, one of them took great risk to get the license plate of a vehicle belonging to the cultists, which he gives over. Not very many cars, so probably easy to track down.

To get in contact with him, we send mail to a given address. He shows a drawing of the bloodstone, looks like a jeweled teardrop, says color is red. Warren shows off a bit and uses minor conjuration to get his best approximation. He gives us 200 bucks in a coin pouch, and makes his way out.

Warren comes up with the less than brilliant plan to research the phonograph cards real quick before they head out, which starts an argument with Saewyn. Mac comes in in the middle of it, then walks out, hands the cards to Rico and tells him to get rid of them and send them to Nightwatch HQ.

The next day Warren realizes he’s missing his cards, and eventually finds out Mac was behind it. They get into an argument, where Warren apparently thinks the cards were his for some reason and is upset that his boss did something behind his back. He gets told basically that he was endangering himself and others by pushing this and something had to be done, and because of the level of arguing, he gets some fatigue work working on the shed.

The day after they make up, Mac says he’ll be upfront, Warren says he’ll try and listen more. Any insight will suggest that Warren was respecting the authority at that point… at the very least he didn’t want more work.

Juan comes down for more practice, and he’s asked about vampires. He says vampires have very different strengths. Some are resistant to fire even, some bullets. Some have an ability that allows them to resist sun some, but sunlight will often kill them. They are weak to any fire too, not just magical fire. This is also where we find out that the invite thing is a load of shit. It’s some kind of cultural thing the civilized vampires force on themselves, but feral vampires don’t give a shit and will just walk in. Also Wooden stake through the heart once down works really well. Once dead, they turn to dust.

Also they tend to have some but not all of the following superhuman estoteric powers. They can be faster, stronger, tougher, have better perceptions, and gaze type mind control is especially common. More experienced vamps tend to get stronger. Abilities are finite based on how sustained they are on blood.

Next up is the vehicle registration information. Charles had mentioned that the one clue he had was the license plate of a car involved in the incident.

Artigo we know we can get the vehicle info, but we decide to chance it and try to get the info from Campacino directly, most likely by getting the police department to wire and ask. We head down and this ends up working out and we save many hours of bumpy driving time

Mac gets the plate info by hitting up Vasquez for info and good fun and everyone else goes to Vernon to ask about blood stones.

Ada has nothing to really add though other than the probably obvious idea that a necromancer would be the one interested and able to use said stone. While there, Warren buys magic missile and ink to scribe it and we leave without having to piss off Vernon since our University app is not back yet.

Warren looks into registration records to find out about buildings owned by names on his contacts list the cultists had, to try and find a safehouse they might own. Rolled a 1 on his attempt for the day. Can roll again the next day. Goddamn the universe hates my dice.

Arc 2->3 Downtime part 2
In an anime, this would be where the filler arc goes

It was another quiet day, but things were about to get super tense for one young wizard, and awkward for everyone else.

Leaving the phonograph cards alone for now until a safe way to analyze them could be found, Warren decided to read the pamphlets instead to try and learn more about the cult.

And immediately got triggered by the content within, and poor Warren had no twitter echo chamber to deal with it.

Fortunately he passed his will save. Mac was reading the pamphlet right over his head, however, and was not affected in the slightest. Warren realizes the dark dangerous truth… HE HAS CULTIST PROGRAMMING IN HIS HEAD.

Disturbed at the loss of control, and the fact that he was now potentially part of any number of conspiracy theories he had heard of or thought up, he started hyperventilating and freaking out. It took probably a couple of minutes before Mac could calm him down enough to find out what was going on, as well as verify.

Indeed, the text was non magical, and when Saewyn tried to read the text, had a similar effect. So anyone who had heard the recordings had a similar effect reading the pamphlet. Just to make sure it was the words themselves and not something about the handwriting or presentation, Mac wrote the words down and Warren read those words and had the same effect again, confirming there were trigger words or phrases that put people that had heard the recordings into a trance state, where presumably you would start being reprogrammed.

They had to get the programming out, and by they we really mean Warren because Saewyn was pretty sure he could meditate it out (and was later proven to be right), but the next step was to do research as Warren didn’t know enough about the subject matter for some low die roll reason, so another trip to vernon’s shop was on the table. Since warren wanted to go back in a week anyways to ask about results and check out the other magic shop, he decided to ask about it then.

Before that, Argent came down, and talking with the group, he seemed really pleased with Mac’s Nightwatch branch. Said the organization, decision making, and our progress was all great. Noted the improvements we were making in reconstructing the barn as part of that. He drills down on Juan asking more and more questions and eventually gets people to admit we believe he is Strellec.

Once we fill him in on some of the things we witnessed, Argent suspects Juan has fiendish blood in him and is a tiefling. He asks if he did any magic, and Warren plays back his memory to see if he ever did, but rolls shitty and turns up nothing. Argent still suspects magic or spell like abilities that he concealed from everyone, especially Warren (as Waren would be the most likely to identify such).

When the ritual site is brought up, Argent seemed to value in ritual site and owning it, but also understood the complications in doing so (it would decentralize us, make it harder for people to reach us, cost money, would have to relocate, etc), and agreed with Mac that it’d be smart to have some wilderness scouts for now keep an eye on the place. The plan also being that when he came down next month, there’d be a little more discussion on it.

The pamphlet and phonograph cards are brought up and we give most of the remaining cards over to Argent so he can have people look into it. Warren of course keeps a couple to do his own research.

Concerns are brought up by Saewyn that there are more of the cult. He brings up that there was a female voice on the recording and she was most likely important to the group. Warren Keen Mind’s the voice while asking Mac to watch and shake him in case he goes under and discovers that having perfect memory has an interesting side effect as he has to make (and passes) a will save doing this. Fortunately because he succeeds, he is able to pull the lady’s voice and in the future will know if he hears it in the future. Also the voice sounds attractive.

Argent then talks to the group 1 on 1 for private in depth conversations:

Saewyn expresses worry to Argent 1 on 1 about complex workings of all the various groups and that we can’t fight a war and we want to make the right choices, but doing so might bring down upon us or Nightwatch more wrath than can be handled. Argent says Nightwatch is fine and they take safety into consideration and will pull out if needed, and for our group, we just gotta do what we can, making the right decisions as we can. He expects quite a bit out of us knowing our potential (spoilers, it’s over 900), so it appears he’s not too worried in general for us being able to handled situations.

Warren asks him about about celestial influence and fiendish outsiders. He wanted to know how much they knew, and what kind of opposition was out there behind the scenes. Argent said that there were scattered groups here and there and that demons and fiends don’t really cooperate, especially with each other. He also warned to judge by actions and not let supernatural stuff influence Warren’s decision making. Warren tells him that he is for freedom of knowledge and action except where it infringes on others to do the same, and Argent seems to approve. Hopefully Warren stays on that path and doesn’t become a crazy power mad wizard DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNNNNN (don’t worry, not planning on it, although Xerath is badass).

He asks about Nightwatch resources for spells, and he’s told if a spell involves smiting evil or smiting evil accessories, they might have resources warren can cough up some $$$ for. He also asked if he knew much about the cult we fought, the university and the secret society in his backstory, and Argent didn’t really know much about either other than what we told him because he made a Warren roll regarding secret societies, without the bonuses to soften the blow.

Mac asked Argent how he was doing. Argent said he thought Mac was doing good and that people seemed to trust him. They talked about R’llo too. Argent said R’llo just needed people to be supportive and give him a chance.

They also talked about Warren and how to get him to ‘let go’ of things. Argent approved of ‘Fist on Table’ and said it was good with those types, but was also surprised it worked as Warren is an individualist. He also advises him to trust Warren to not break his trust, and be forthright on info and trust with him with stuff.

After Argent goes back, there’s another month of downtime, after which Argent was coming down again, and the next arc would begin right about then too. We were told we could carefully use our resources a bit and still be full starting next arc because of the long time frame.

Warren finishes researching Scorching Ray during that time. They also train with Strellec. He teaches both Mac and Warren during that time. For Warren, he tells him to get a real not POS pistol, and teaches him the basics of firing a pistol. For Mac, he starts teaching him about a technique to do a pseudo doubletap. Saewyn shoots arrows nearby and also tries to shoot arrows up in the air and catch them

Then they go to Vernon’s shop. Vernon is as expected very not happy, and also fails knowledge rolls horribly about his hypnosis problem and the cultist ritual info he jotted down.

Ada however ends up knowing about both. Enough about hypnosis to direct him to some books. Eventually he finds out that hypnosis needs to be reinforced and the effects will go down with time. They can also in theory be meditated out with self hypnosis, which means Saewyn will be fine very quickly and R’llo could also develop something similar. Warren needs to let it go away with time and not continue going over the material which would reinforce. The books do however also say that what happened to him was basically impossible. Normally, you can’t get hypnotized that quickly, and you have to be open to being hypnotized, and it isn’t nearly that strong. But the recordings weren’t magical, so it’s unclear how this happened.

And Pat sets the hook for the next session, when late at night in early june, there’s a knock at door.

Arc 2->3 Downtime

Quick sidenote, the notes Warren found were lessons how to serve and devote yourself to the cult. Warren planned on looking into them to try and glean info about the cult itself.

The battle over, the group immediately set upon figuring out what it is they just broke up. With an ice d20 in my drink and advantage of intelligence checks, we managed to mostly counter the incredibly bad luck rolls I generally get.

As expected, the cultists were in fact setting up a ritual. Reading into it, Warren confirmed and discovered a number of notable things.

  • The ritual definitely needed virgin sacrifice.
  • The ritual required night time. If we had waited till night, the girls would have been dead.
  • The writing was in and on the center sarcophagus, but I didn’t roll quite well enough with a 23 to figure out if that meant anything. My personal guess though… 3 girls, 3 sarcophaguses…. more on that theory later.
  • The ritual was definitely fiendish in nature and not undead or elemental (like the previous elemental). Appeared to not directly summon, but definitely called through fiendish energy to do something or another.
  • The cultists had similar tattoo rituals as the previous group we fought, meaning they were almost certainly part of the same cult. This batch of tattoos were more sophisticated though. Still immune to fire, but the power was harnessed through spell like abilities instead of directly summoning fire elementals. Also notably the casters didn’t explode when they died either. However, despite being more sophisticated, it still was clearly experimental as there was lots of scarring from their various attempts to make it work. Meaning not only did the research live on despite Nightwatch confiscating all the notes, but it even progressed to the next stage.
  • Tattoo writing and ritual writing shows a strong corrolation that it was done by the same person or group, so it is almost for certain that the group itself is the one doing the experimenting from whatever base of knowledge they stumbled into.
  • The facility itself is a focal point for magic and used in rituals. May or may not be useful for Warren to do training (no game mechanic benefits either way).
  • Some pieces of paper were found with contacts with names like Raul, implying it was all their North Coast connections. Also directions to the magic shop they had been buying their stuff from, a shop that isn’t Vernon’s.

During this investigation, Mac, Juan, and R’llo take the girls out of the complex while Saewyn and Warren continue to look around and investigate. After finding out the above info, they decide to play one of the records to see what was on them…. and both of them fail a will save.

Meanwhile, Mac and Juan ask the girls what happened, and reconfirm that there was gonna be a sacrifice. They let the girls know that mayor hired them to save the girls, and that they were going home, which pleases them a lot. Mac realized he needed Warren to give Rico the signal, so Juan goes back to get the two guys who have hopefully finished their investigation while Mac stays outside with the girls.

Warren and Saewyn come to to a loud gunshot and a broken phonograph machine, and they turn to see Juan. He informs them it was telling them to obey and probably other cultish programming so he destroyed it. There are still plenty of other phonograph cards, so it was decided in the future to study them a lot more carefully with some safety measures hopefully in place.

They then all go outside and Warren signals Rico to come down and pick them up with a firebolt. We load up our crap, and there’s a bit of a loud bumpy ride back that is somewhat displeasing for the spoiled girls, but they deal.

Juan also informs the group what he’d like in return to help out Mac’s situation as well as a personal trade. He’d like to learn how to kill wizards from Warren and Mac over the next couple months as a personal favor, and in return he’d teach them how to shoot a pistol.

From the group he offered up a bounty for info (names and duties) about north coast leadership. 25 bucks a head for small time operations like single protection rackets. 50 bucks for people over them and higher. And if we got any info on the leaders of the north coast, we’d talk it out.

He also gives Mac an automatic pistol which makes Warren secretly very freaking jealous cause he loves guns.

We then get to the police station to drop off the girls. The mayor is happy, and everyone is pleased with Nightwatch including the police. We get our 1500 bucks, 300 of which is going to the main Nightwatch branch, and 240 to everyone in our company and to our company itself.

We go shopping for a muffler finally, which we find in a Burroughs catalog. Warren rolls a natural 20 to find more shit in there, and finds you can get silencers for 25 bucks (you have to thread your barrel for it… gotta find ‘someone’ to do that work for you). Can also custom order sizes, including ones for pistols, but for Mac’s gun, the old sight would have to be taken off and a new sight put on to fit with the silencer. Can telegraph in orders, shipping time is in the order of a couple of months.

We then go to the magic shop to buy magic stuff. Warren casually asks Ada about 3rd level spells. Ada is like wtf no way you can cast that shit, to which Warren gleefully talks about counterspell with some made up pseudo magic science and she realizes he’s for real and is very surprised as apparently Vernon cannot cast spells that high. She advises him very strongly to not tell Vernon he can cast them as it would hurt Vernon’s pride, but that he should talk to Vernon about getting a membership with ‘The University’ where he might be able to get what he wants.

‘The University’ is apparently a guild of wizards that protect and collect magic secrets and protect them from the world, and Vernon is a part of it. Like any secret society, it’s hard to get into even if you know about it. This one you can only get in via a recommendation from a member… which the only one Warren knows right now is Vernon. He says if Warren drafts up two copies of a spell, one for him one for Warren’s membership application, he’ll pass along the recommendation. Warren expresses ‘worry’ that if the spell he submits is too complicated it’ll be thrown out as garbage, baiting Vernon into laughing at him and saying that there’s no chance of that. So, Warren drafts up fireball like a dick. Materials are also bought for two copies of fireball and research costs for scorching ray. Saewyn buys some more +1 cold arrows and asks about possible potions to buy, but they’re all a bit too pricey still. Elemental resistance potions ran for about 300-400 if I recall correctly.

Warren and Saewyn go after drafting up the fireballs (over 6 hours) to drop off the spells. Vernon is surprised by the length of the paperwork, and after going through it realizes what he’s looking at. He’s very upset, but also appears to have a bit of stubborn respect too because he says, “I’m not doing this because you think you can cast spells like this…. I’m doing this because you CAN cast spells like this.” With a little bit of prompting from Nick, a little more salt is rubbed in Vernon’s wounds when Warren reminds Vernon that he’s got a copy of the spell for him to learn and cast as well.

We also look into what is needed to acquire new territory, and because we’re not citizens, we have to have Nightwatch purchase it. We would have to go to the new capitol city Artigro (8 hour drive from Sagrada like every other place) to get zoning rights and stuff.

We have a couple of weeks until Argent comes, so Nightwatch plans what to do in the meantime. We have two facilities to build, one for Warren’s work, one for Saewyn’s work. 100g to hire the contractors, who would take 1-2 months to finish their work per building, can be done at the same time if desired, but with our funds where they are, we decide to only do one, probably Saewyn’s first.

We also decide to ask Argent about hiring a manager (probably a Nightwatch academy graduate) and face for our operation to run things as a middle manager and handle the little things, as well as not scaring off our customers by being Hime. We also intend to bring up the plot that we could acquire to see Argent’s thoughts on it.

Arc 2: Return of the bad dudes - Part ...2

Missed a lot of arcs, I’ll have to edit that in later, but this is more like part 4.

After beating the statues, Nightwatch and Juan descended into the structure. The first set of rooms revealed what Warren had guessed earlier after seeing the night symbology, that this used to belong to vampires.

It was determined that the spell being cast was meant to summon something, or something to that nature. Warren floated the idea that totally wasn’t influenced by any movies that the blood of the innocents was gonna be used to bring back to life an ancient vampire, but whatever it was, it wasn’t something anyone wanted to see finish getting summoned.

Before moving from room to room, the group had a quick discussion and decided to use their room clearing training they learned from Nightwatch to enter the rooms. Juan had to be explained how it worked, but it made sense to him and reinforced what he thought about Nightwatch field agents (that they do good work and are fairly competent).

The first room had empty open tombs and blood reservoirs that had long since dried up and had clearly not been used in many many years, and was clearly where vampires slept and lived. Fortunately this likely meant like was also guessed earlier that there were no vampires here anymore.

The second had cut out stone alcoves, stone ‘footlockers’, and other things to suggest it was a thrall room.

There were more sets of rooms like this, similarly abandoned as the group made their way through, until they eventually came onto a thrall room that was cleaned and recently occupied and contained gear from some of the cultists that had moved in, which of course was immediately looted. Included in which was some notes which were to be desciphered later.

Then they progressed further and started down another flight of stairs when Juan alerted the group that there was people ahead and their numbers and approximate location, even around walls. It was somewhat unclear exactly how he got such specific information but likely either scent or hearing.

Mack decided to cast invisibility on Juan and Saewyn, and let them get into position in the room with stealth. Once in place, the group then entered the room and the fight broke out. It was extremely one sided as Mack incapacitated nearly the entire room with one spell, and Warren got the other. Then the enemies fell one by one to focused fire, and the casters even once ‘woken’ up never got the chance to cast a spell because they were counterspelled immediately. Mack then untied and sweet talked the hostages a bit (as well as calming them down) as the last of the cultists were downed.

Some thoughts were thrown around about setting this place up as either a primary or secondary Nightwatch base, and the group prepared to head back to the mayor with the mission completed. Also a muffler still needs to be bought.

Session 8 - Shooting, Sneaking, and Strelok
You've got a Burroughs? We've got a R'llo.

Short session, mostly consisting of combat.

Arc 2: Return of the bad dudes
Are you a bad enough dude to save the mayor's daughter?

Nightwatch is enjoying their vacation when Jaime informs them he got a telegraph from the mayor of Campecino. Apparently his daughter had just been kidnapped, and he thought we were bad enough dudes to rescue her. Also other girls had been kidnapped recently, and it appeared to be cultists.

Nightwatch books it down as time is of the essence and arrives late at night at the mayor’s manor. He was happy to see us there so soon and explained to us what he knew. His daughter was off shopping in the north east of town with some of her friends, and had gotten kidnapped by 3 hooded fellas that were almost certainly cultists. The mayor got asked a bunch of sensible questions and Warren asked if she was a virgin, but in the end we walked away with a picture of the girl and the knowledge that the police were in on the investigation.

Second step was to go to the police and see what they had on the case. All the evidence was in a privateish area in the back, so warren went back there by himself to snapshot the board and the police explained what they had gathered. The cult had used to use the cartel to do their kidnappings but since that relationship was broken, the cult which is apparently back now has to do it themselves. The carriage that the girl was kidnapped in along with the 3 dudes that witnesses saw headed off towards the jungle area northeastish of town.

It is determined that there are a bunch of prewar farmland areas and structures in the jungle that could be used to house these cultists, and there isn’t all that much traffic into the jungle. The police have thus far kept to the town looking for clues, so Nightwatch decides to take to the jungle. They still don’t know exactly where to look, so next up they decide to hit up their cartel contact, Raul.

He is apparently very nervous seeing the group approach without first having a meeting setup like before and defensively says he didn’t do… whatever it is we think he did. Mack employs some smooth talk and lets him know that we’re here to pick his brain, not smash it. He still doesn’t reveal any info, but Mack’s insight picks up that he’s totally hiding shit, and irritated that our buddy is not being forthright, R’llo and Mack double team on him and threaten to maybe smash those brains after all if he doesn’t come clean.

Raul reveals that he did in fact used to help the cult kidnap girls (young blond virgin just as expected), but that he was disgusted by it and long since done with that and glad to be so. He dropped off at areas nearby the church, the scene of the last arc, but he hadn’t heard from them at all, and he didn’t know anything about the jungle areas they might have been holed up at.

We peacefully part ways having learned…. basically what we already knew, but confirming it. Nightwatch still needs to figure out where the cult might have holed up and can’t really afford to just search the whole jungle, so it is decided to hit up a guide. It’s super late, so they hit up a hotel, having somehow completely missed a fight that was planned in the city, and the next morning hit up a wilderness expert to go over a map and combine what Warren knows with what the expert knows. The expert has heard of us (thanks positive PR) and is super excited to help, and together, they go over the map and a place of old historical and possibly religious value is discovered that is the perfect spot. Not much is known about it offhand other than that it is prewar.

Deciding to not just roll right up with a loud as shit mufflerless car, they look over the roads, and find a place to drive the car up to, and leave in an abandoned farmland area camoed with Rico. He is told to be ready to take off if Nightwatch comes running if things go badly. The group goes on foot from there.

There’s some very tall grass that hides their view, but also fortunately hides them, because they eventually see the ruin… along with two towers that need to go down like it’s 9/11. There’s a big tripod mounted Burroughs and some other guys in the towers with high powered rifles.

Btw, we should buy a car muffler. They exist.

[Warren conspiracy theory: Raoul had commented he thought there was two Burroughs, but there was only one there. So the cult might have the other gun for whatever reason. Possibly it was stolen by the North Valley cartel at some point, possibly in a previous delivery attempt, and given to the cult, implying potential connections in the past. Maybe the cult was working with the north valley at some point and was given the gun. Maybe the cult got the gun killing north valley dudes and found the gun. Maybe the gun is unrelated. Lots of possibilities here.]

Session 7 - Captives of the Cult
Why's it always the cute girls?

Ready to investigate the kidnapping, the party left their HQ and headed back to Campecino, driving until 10pm to reach their destination as soon as possible – in a kidnapping, time is essential, after all.

Session 6 - A Little Downtime
It can go a long way

The party, still flush off their victory, decided to settle the remaining loose ends from the battle.


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