Warren LeBlanc

Caster with Aspergers


Spell Reference
Archer – Warren’s Familiar

Warren Leblanc
Race: Vuman
Type: Humanoid (Human)
Size: Medium
Class: Wizard
Level: 8
HP: 58 ( +7/level )
AC: 12 (15 /w mage armor)
Speed: 30 ft
Exp: 43579/48000
Money: 346 bucks ( +30 bucks/month)
Debt: 182 bucks (wand of the war mage +1)
Proficiency Bonus: +3
Spell DC: 15
Passive Perception: 11

Ability Score / Raw / Proficiency
Str 8 / -1 / +2
Dex 14 / +2 / +5
Con 17 / +3 / +6 (save)
Int 18 / +4 / +7 (save)
Wis 12 / +1 / +4 (save)
Cha 8 / -1 / +2

Effective K: All
K: Arcana (class)
K: Religion (class)
K: Military (Vhuman)
K: Nature (freebie)
K: History (background)
Investigation (background)
Machining Tools
Smithing Tools
Pistols of .45 caliber and lighter

Keen Mind – Remember time, direction, and detail with uncanny precision. +1 int, always know which way is north, number of hours till sunset/sunrise, and can recall anything seen or heard within the last month. Can recall past that period if the player remembers. Basically it’s Psych’s Shawn Spencer’s memory.

Researcher Perk – Warren generally knows how to go about finding out something he doesn’t know due to his experience and general knowledge.

Ritual Casting – Can can cast spells as a ritual if they have the ritual tag without having them prepared if they are in Warren’s spellbook.

Preparing Spells – After a long rest, you can select 12 spells you know and can cast to be your pool of spells you can spend your spell slots on to cast (int mod + wizard level). 1 minute per spell level for each spell to prepare.

Arcane Recovery – Once per day when you finish a short rest, you can recover up to 4 combined levels of spell slots of 5th level and lower (CL / 2, rounded up)

Conjuration Savant – Gold and Time is halved to copy a conjuration spell into Warren’s spellbook.

Minor Conjuration (VS) – Action to conjure an inanimate object into hand or onto ground within 10 feet that Warren can see. It must be non magical, no more than 3 feet on any side(ish), and no more than 10 pounds. Object is visibly magical and radiates dim light out to 5 feet. If it takes damage, you use this feature again or an hour passes, it disappears.

Benign Transposition – Use Action to teleport to an occupied space within 30 feet, or swap places with a willing small/medium creature in that same range. Can use once per long rest, casting a conjuration spell of 1st level or higher also recharges.

Close Quarters Combat – Allies with this feat do not provide cover for enemies you attack as long as you are within 15 feet of your ally. Minions you summon or create also gain the benefits of the feat as well.

Resilient Constitution: Proficiency on Constitution Saves, +1 Con


Fire Bolt – Atk +8, 2d10 fire, 120, VS
Light Rifle – Atk +5, 1d8 +2 piercing, 80-320, loading, Ammo: 10
Dagger – Atk +5, 1d4 +2 pierce, finesse, 20-60
Fist – Atk +2, 0 base damage (1-1)

Total Weight: 9 lbs (64 /w backpack) (41-80 lbs -10 spd, 81-120 lbs -20 spd disadv str/dex/con)

On person (9 lb total)
Dagger 1 lb
Common Clothes 3 lb
Belt Pouch 1 lb
Component Pouch 2 lb
100 gp pearl (identify)
Charcoal, incense, herbs (find familiar) x2
Jeweled Horn, glass eye (clairvoyance seeing/hearing)
Diamond (Chromatic Orb)
Small Knife 1 lb
Revolver Holster 1 lb
Wand of the War Mage +1

Backpack 5 lb (18 lb with contents)
Flashlight 1 lb
Rope (hempen) x 50 ft 10 lb
Grappling Hook 4 lb
Spellbook 3 lb
Healing Potion x 2
Potion of Dragonbreath
Bonus action: 30 ft, Dex 13 save for half, 4D6 fire, 3 uses or 1 hour
Med Kit (10 charges)
‘The’ Ring – Has some boost to necromancy spells

Backpack (carry dufflebag type) 40 lbs
Common Clothes sets 6 lb
Hooded Jacket (useful for disguise) 1 lb
Bedroll 7 lb
Tent (2 person) 20 lb
Mess Kit 1 lb
Soap x 5
Canteen (water) 5 lb
Rations x 8 20 lb

Effectively infinite rounds (.45) stripper clip x 5

Light Rifle – Hunter Model 32 .45
1d8, 80-320, loading, 10 shots, .45 Lhomme
Stripper clip fed, Scope Rings, Magazine cutoff!!!!

Lum lever action
same as in equipment list
two magazine, bayonet lug
1d8 piercing (80-320), loading, 11 shots, .45 Lhomme
Silver Bayonette (piercing, short spear damage, taken off knife damage)
1d6 piercing (on gun)
1d4 piercing (handheld)

Palinero Pocket Pistol .45 (army)
Swing out Cylinder
1d6, 30-100, 6 shots, .45 Lhomme, double action, no safety (carry -1 ammo)
.45 Lhomme x12
2 moon clips (9 bullets total)
Bad grip check ring
No ammo shield

Lhomme 2976 .45 revolver
1d6 piercing, 30-120, Loading, Ammunition (6 shots, .45 Lhomme), Double Action
Loaded via loading gate, cannot load with moon clips

Books and Documents
Reading Material 25 lb (Left in room)
Book of PMC law in Sagrada
Necromancer Spellbook (* means I don’t have the spell in my spellbook)
Spell list
0: *Chill Touch
1: *False Life, Mage Armor, Unseen Servant, Chromatic Orb, *Thunderwave, comprehend languages, sleep, charm person
2: Ray of enfeeble, Blindness/Deafness, hold person, darkness
3: *Vampiric Touch, Fear, Bestow Curse, *Animate dead (cannot learn), *Ritual to bind soul (cannot learn)
4: Evards black tentacles, *Blight

Old Letter
Binder of scattered notes and clippings having to do with the ‘Shadow World’
Binder of various blueprints and designs
Queen Jamie’s Bible
‘Path to Civilization’, reconstruction of prehistoric times via anthropological finds
‘War Torn Continent’, Overview of history of Paolo from the beginning of history to modern times
‘A world without dreams’ – A book of fiction about a modern world where humanity has long lost the ability to shape and cast magic and has found other often very strange ways to get to the same effective place humanity is at now. A world where absolute morality has been forgotten because people have lost their ability to connect to the divine, and must find their own path. One man seeks to fix a corrupt political system that is only beholden to money and fights him at every step. Ernie Flanders makes his way through a world with vast complicated political intrigue set in a deep and rich world where nothing is black and white.
All vampires novels featuring Walter/Scarlet


Machining Tools 50 gp 10 lb
Smithing Tools 20 gp 8 lb

Gun Parts – Kept ‘full’ by dismantling crap guns, used to keep guns maintained.


Cork+fuse that uses tanglefoot mechanics to water seal behind it.
Underwater mine

Make some kind of clockwork flower or mechanical flower or something for Scarlet.


Warren LeBlanc

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