The Night Watch

Session 8 - Shooting, Sneaking, and Strelok

You've got a Burroughs? We've got a R'llo.

Short session, mostly consisting of combat. The party formed a quick plan, mostly involving Louis sneaking up on the south tower, to better position himself. The party broke cover at their choice, and took to the attack. The Burroughs gun mounted in the north tower opened up on the group, but for the most part just annoyed R’llo, as he made himself a big scary target for them to aim at, and his rage and successful DEX saves reduced the damage to a pitiful amount.

About halfway through the fight, the party realized that there were shots coming from somewhere out in the hills, first taking out the Burroughs gunner, then two of the other riflemen.

The party dealt with the rest of the fight (another rifleman and two spearmen) with relative ease, despite Mac being poorly equipped for the encounter, and begin quickly policing the bodies, looking for objects of use.

Their looting got interrupted by the mystery sniper ambling up the road. Mac nearly shat himself when the party realized it was Strelok.

Quickly disguising his voice and skimping on as many details as they could, Mac and the party spoke to Strelok and learned of his motives – he thought the Burroughs was his, but it’s chambered for the wrong round, so it probably isn’t. He still wants it, though.

The party, after some thought and beating around the conversation tree, figure that they stole his machine gun, and gave it to North Coast. Not admitting to their own involvement yet, the group basically rolls on their contact in Campecino, telling Strelok that ‘they had heard rumor’ that it was in the cartel’s hands there.

A little more conversation, and Strelok offers to help the party finish this job, in exchange for the Burroughs. After a mental value check, the group agrees to this.

(I really wish I had more detail but I was sick as fuck last week so it’s all kind of hazy.)



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